Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Limited (KSIE) is the Managing Agency and Air Cargo Custodian of Trivandrum Air Cargo Terminal (TACT) and was nominated by Government of Kerala as per the policy decision of Government of India in 1979 to set up Air cargo Complexes in suitable locations of the Country other than in Metro Airports by the concerned State Governments.


At TACT, we handle Air Cargo of both Import and Export nature. The Export operation was commenced in 1979 itself as per the Cargo Custodianship issued by the Commissioner of Customs. Later a full-fledged Export and Import operations was started in 1984 at our Air Cargo Terminal at Shanghumugham, Trivandrum.


At TACT we handle all sorts of cargo including Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Fish, General cargo etc. In addition to this we also cater to the transshipment cargo of the above said nature.


Our Trivandrum Air Cargo Terminal (TACT) is IS/ISO 9001:2015 Certified


We have a capacity to handle app. 75-90 MT Export cargo in a day and in the case of Import , app 450-500 MT on an average. At TACT, we offer very competitive rates for handling the cargo including Terminal Charges, Demurrage, Stuffing, Weighing charges etc.


All facilities for screening, handling and warehousing the Export and Import cargo are available at TACT 


TACT Tariff


(1) Admission Ticket Charges : 10.00/- per ticket

(2) Photo Identity Card Charges : 25.00/- per card


For any business queries, please contact


Asst General Manager (TACT)

Trivandrum Air Cargo Terminal

Sanghumugham, Trivandrum Airport

Thiruvananthapuram, Pin: 695 008

Phone 0471-2501016, 0471-2501031