Wanted Superstockists for Kerala Soaps



Government of Kerala presented “Kerala Soaps”, the new Soaps manufacturing unit at Calicut. The premium soaps like Kerala Sandal, Thrill introduced into the market have created a new sensation in the minds of the people. The Kerala sandal soap contains virgin sandal oil and is recommended as beauty soap. The brands like VEP Bathing Bar, Kairali Bathing Bar, Kerala Carbolic Soap bar (Coaltar) and “Washwell” detergent cake are available in all leading shops.




Kerala Sandal Trio Classic (450gm)

Family Pack 3 in 1 (450gm)
Kerala Sandal (150gm) Kerala Sandal (75gm)

Thrill Chempakam (75gm) Thrill Exotic (75gm)

Coaltar (110gm) VEP (100gm)

Kairali (75gm) Washwell (125gm)



Kerala Soaps requires Superstockists in all States. Well sound and experienced parties in FMCG sector having strong network may please apply.



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