NAME OF WORK:  Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 500 KVA, 11KV/433V, 3 phase 50 Hz copper wound Outdoor type AN Cooled Resin Cast Dry type USS having vector group of Dyn 11 with tapings +5% to -10% Link arrangement) consisting of HT panel and LT terminal cable box conforming to IS 11171. The HT panel will be as per Kerala Electrical Inspectorate standards and as per detailed specification and as per detailed specification.

Cost of Tender Document : Rs. 2,360/-

Earnest Money Deposit : Rs. 24,000/-
Last Date of Receipt of Tender : upto 14.00 hrs on 14/08/2020

Date of Opening of Technical Bid : at 10.30 hrs on 18/08/2020